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7 Things I Learned as a Business Owner

I’ve been in the industry for 7 years now!! WOW I FEEL OLD… Can you believe it’s already been 7 years?! I’ve owned this business for just a little less than that now, and the lessons I’ve learned are countless! For 7 years, here are 7 things I learned from this industry and as a […]

Bridal Hair Accessories

I bet you can’t guess my very favorite part about styling your hair for your wedding… Don’t worry, I’ll tell ya! I absolutely LOVE incorporating the bridal hair accessories that you choose into your custom style!! When you include hair pieces for me, it creates a new challenge that I absolutely love to tackle! And […]

Why am I Losing so Much Hair??

Have you ever washed your hair and noticed what looks like almost an entire wig on the floor (or walls lol) of your shower?? You’ve probably thought, “Am I going bald??” or, “How do I even have that much hair to lose?!” I know it feels like you’re losing like half of your hair when […]

5 Things I do to Relax

I go on and on about hair, makeup, and wedding tips, but I wanted to switch things up a bit and share about my life outside of work! I have a life outside of work?! Crazy, I know!!! I love that I’m my own boss because I get to make my schedule, and I’m trying […]

The Proper Way to Use a Blow Drying Brush

There is absolutely NOTHING better than a blowout, amiright?? And being able to give yourself a blowout at home? Every week?!?! Unreal! If you’re anywhere on social media, you have definitely seen the blow drying brush that has taken us all by storm. The perfect tool for the perfect at-home blowout! Now how would you […]

Wedding Beauty Prep

When you’re a bride, I promise you that planning/scheduling in advance will be your absolute best friend! There are so many beauty appointments that will be done in those weeks leading up to the wedding that it can get a little overwhelming! I’m going to map out exactly when you should have these wedding beauty […]

Here are a Few of my Favorite… Venues!

I’ve been in this industry for 7 years now, and I don’t know if I’ve shared my favorite venues yet! I love all wedding days and anywhere I get to spend with you getting you dolled up is a good day. There’s just something about these venues that make my heart sing. Here are a […]

How to Choose Extensions That are Right for You

As much as I love hand-tied extensions, they’re certainly not a one size fits all situation. I want everyone to be able to experience how life changing these extensions are, but I TOTALLY understand if they might not be in the cards for you!! There are a few different reasons why you may want to […]

Gift Giving with Katlyn

Happy Holidays, friends!! I know shopping for your loved ones can be stressful during this time so I want to simplify it a little bit for you! I keep ALL of my favorite things in my Amazon lists and I can guarantee that you’ll find something on there for everyone in your life!! If you’re […]

What Does Natural Makeup Really Mean?

A lot of my brides come to me asking for a natural makeup look or tell me that they have little experience with makeup. I get it girl! Not everyone wears makeup everyday (it takes a lot of time am I right?), and hiring someone to do your makeup for perhaps the BIGGEST day of […]

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