Secret Sauce to the Perfect Makeup Application

Girl with long, brown braided hair looks off to the side, with her perfect makeup showing.

Have you ever applied foundation but felt like your skin wasn’t cooperating? Do you blame the makeup product and rush to the store to buy another one? I’ve done that too! I want to talk about the secret behind the perfect makeup application. 


Yes!! YOUR SKIN should be your number one priority. The key to good makeup is good skin. I would find an esthetician and get monthly facials AND BUY THEIR PRODUCTS. Your skin is only as good as what you do at home. Going to get facials is the first step, but there are many others that lead to good skin. To start off I would get a cleanser, toner, vitamin C serum, a moisturizer, and sunscreen. Those are the very basics. I personally have a very in-depth skin care routine that has different products for morning and night. I recommend getting the basics and getting used to that for a few weeks and then you can bump up the process. Never EVER buy products over the counter or do your own research on what kind of skin care you should be putting on your face. Estheticians are professionals and are specifically trained to know your skin and to personalize the products you use to fit your needs and skin goals. When your skin is healthy, hydrated, and happy, your foundation will look better and you will naturally have the glow!


When you go get your monthly facials, make sure that the esthetician is dermaplaning your face! Dermaplaning is essentially shaving your face. Everyone has peach fuzz, and when you get rid of those small hairs, your skin is soft, smooth, and exfoliated. When you apply foundation to your skin after you dermaplane, it will lay on smooth as butter and look better too. You don’t need to “shave” your face every day. Just when you go get your monthly facial! When I first got my face dermaplaned, my makeup game changed! Now I tell all my brides to get their face dermaplaned so that the makeup will lay better on the day of the wedding!

Foundation for your skin type

Having the right foundation that is tailored to your skin type is ESSENTIAL. I carry 3 different foundations in my makeup kit because I truly feel foundation will never be a ‘one size fits all’ to me. If your skin is oily, find a foundation that is tailored for oily skin. The same for dry and combination skin. A few foundations I personally like are Face Atelier for dry to combination skin. MAC Face and Body for dry skin. Lastly, I love Estee Lauder Double Wear for oily skin. All these foundations are what I use on my clients. Finding the right foundation for your skin will help your foundation last all day and not crack. 


The perfect makeup application involves mostly your skin and not how you apply your makeup. With the proper skin routine, your makeup will sit on your skin better. A proper skin routine can be achieved after you talk to a professional esthetician! If you really want your foundation to lie smooth on your face, dermaplaning is the way to go. If you get a monthly facial, your esthetician should dermaplane your face and recommend skin care suitable to your skin type. In addition to a skin care routine, your foundation should be catered to your skin type – whether that’s oily, dry, or combination. 

If you are local to the Hampton Roads area in Virginia, I would be happy to recommend you a few of my favorite estheticians! Please email for advice or suggestions.


If you’d like to learn more about how I take care of my skin, check out my intense routine here!

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