How to Prepare for Your Trial

Woman with blonde hair sits at her trial getting her hair curled with a curling iron.

Have you ever wondered what you should bring to your hair and makeup trial? Do you wonder if you should come in with dirty hair or clean hair? Are you clueless to what you want to look like on your big day? 

Having a bridal hair and makeup trial before your wedding day is essential. Trials are so fun and exciting for both my clients and myself. I am going to answer all those questions and more about the dos and don’ts about preparing for your hair and makeup trial.

Have a general idea of what you want to look like

So many soon-to-be brides tell me nothing, or they have no idea. This is not helpful for both the artist and for the bride. Look for inspiration photos online or on Pinterest. Knowing at least what you like and what you don’t like will help narrow down the perfect look that you want!

Don’t tell me to do whatever I want

I am a full glam kinda gal. I love full coverage foundation, huge over the top lashes, and a bold lip. For some of my clients, they like a more natural look, and if I do whatever I want they are going to be upset with me or want to adjust a lot of things with the look I did. To avoid this, I would come in with multiple pictures that you like so we can both have some idea of what you want. I always try to pick your brain of what you like and what you don’t like before I even touch your face/hair.

You want to look like you

If you don’t normally wear bold eyeliner, you will probably be uncomfortable with your final look if you request a dramatic wing. Or if you normally wear your hair down 90% of the time then you might feel a little awkward if we do an updo. 

Find YOUR face and eye shape

When looking for makeup inspiration photos, I would try to find photos that match your face shape and eye shape. Keep in mind that usually all makeup pictures are heavily edited, especially on Pinterest. I would try to find pictures that match the look you are going for while also finding someone who has similar features so you have a better idea of what you will look like.

Find pictures that match your hair type and length

Going on Pinterest can be overwhelming when searching for a style. A good tip is to look for styles that match your hair length and density. Although Instagram and Pinterest can be a great resource for inspiration, they can be very misleading. 9/10 times those pictures are heavily edited and have extensions in to complete the look. Try to use your best judgement when finding photos and be open when we discuss what style would work best with your hair type and length. 

Extensions are always an option

I love extensions, I feel like they will always take your style to the next level. Whether you want a down style or an updo, having clip-ins will give you more density and could really help the stylist achieve that Pinterest style that you love. My favorite brand of extensions are These clip-ins are definitely an investment, but they will last you YEARS! I have personally had my pair of bellami extensions for 2 years and I wear them at least 3 times a week. I love giving my clients recommendations on what color they should get to match their hair perfectly! 

BE HONEST after I’m done

This is a trial for a reason. You will not hurt my feelings if you don’t like something about your hair or makeup. This is your day, not mine. Don’t go home hating what I did. I can adjust anything and everything about your look. Your happiness is my #1 priority. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. I’m all yours for a full 2 hours or even longer if I have to. So let’s use that time to get to know each other and ease your mind of any questions/concerns you may have.

Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life. You want it to define your unique style, and a trial will help you envision what you will look like on your wedding day.


If you are dying for more tips and tricks, go here to see how to hire the right hair and makeup artist!

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