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According to psychology research, work-life balance is not something many have achieved. People tend to put most of their efforts on work while their lives separate from work are lacking. Or, they do the opposite – they put most of their focus on their personal lives and let it interfere with their work ethic. I personally have a difficult time finding a work-life balance, but I am here to share a few ways I am learning to improve!

Why is it so difficult to balance work and life?

On a perfect day.. after I finish hair and makeup for a wedding, I pack up, go home, and relax the rest of the day. Maybe even take a nap!


My business is almost a 24/7 operation. I get emails and inquiries anywhere from 6am to midnight. My website and blog posts need attention everyday. I have to post daily on Instagram and on stories. Not to mention I pin on Pinterest everyday. I need to buy new makeup and hair products weekly. Sometimes I even have trials that end at 7pm. I have weekly meetings with my team. I have weddings from all over the country but mostly from Williamsburg to North Carolina. I clock about 60-65 hours a week. I LOVE what I do, but my work never stops! Although I do try to manage a nap here and there.

How do I balance my work and life?

Although I am still working to achieve a better balance, I have worked on a few things. I have created something called boundaries. I set up a boundary of not answering emails late at night and during the weekends, unless it’s urgent. I have a cut-off time of not taking clients too late in the day. I set apart time for my personal life, including self-care, spending quality time with friends and family, and going on trips.

Another step I took to create a better work-life balance was by hiring a personal assistant. I no longer have to look at my email inbox unless a client needs a more specific question answered. My personal assistant helps me proofread EVERYTHING. She has also allowed me to take a step away from my business so I’m more present in my relationship and family time but also grow my business into something I couldn’t have done alone.

Tips for a better balance

  • Evaluate your current balance

I would recommend taking a step back and looking at where you are! What do you spend most of your time doing? How late do you stay on the computer checking emails or doing research for your work? Do you check your work emails when you’re hanging out with your friends? I used to do this A LOT, but this is where boundaries are important! 

  • Put the electronics away

I stopped checking my emails on my phone when I’m out with friends and family. Now, I no longer bring my laptop everywhere I go! I learned that it is okay to put my work on halt so that I can enjoy the company of others. Clients will understand and appreciate that you have boundaries.

  • Ask for help

It can be hard to realize that you need a work-life balance in the first place. My friends and family remind me that I often overwork and still need to take care of myself. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!! Steven always reminds me to be in the present, put down my phone, and enjoy other things in life outside of work. There are many things to enjoy, I promise! I also had to ask for help when I hired my personal assistant, Nikki. It was hard to admit, but I really can’t do it all alone.

  • Create a designated work space

Don’t just do your work everywhere around the house, in the bed, or on the couch. Have a little productivity place dedicated to work. This way, your work doesn’t have to follow you everywhere you go, and you can take breaks or step away from it knowing it’s still there when you return. I have an office room in my house that is designated for work only! I am working on designing it, and I can’t wait for you guys to see! Check out my Instagram to see the process!

  • Get out of the house

Change it up and go somewhere else to work! Going to the library or a coffee shop helps me to escape distractions and get a ton of work done. A new environment is also refreshing and sparks creativity.


By creating boundaries, you can begin to create a better balance. For instance, boundaries can include putting the phone or laptop away, separating work and personal time, and allowing yourself to enjoy free time with friends and family. Don’t forget to ask for help with this!

Whether you have been trying to balance your work and life for years or you haven’t even started, don’t worry! I just started and am learning along the way. No balance is perfect! I hope that sharing the lessons I have learned and how I create balance can help you too.


Taking the Enneagram personality test also helped me realize why I needed to balance my work and life. Read more about it here!

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