How to Wash Your Hair the Right Way!

Washing your hair is very important, whether it be to hold your color longer or to keep your hair healthy. But how you wash it is even more important.

I will talk about why this is essential to your hair health and how you can make a change today! I’m going to dive into talking about the right products you should be using as well as how to properly wash and dry your hair!


Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type and density is very important. You must think of what your hair goals are. Also, where you purchase your shampoo and conditioner is extremely vital. Always buy your shampoo and conditioner in a salon, or if you have a friend with a cosmetology license, you can go to CosmoProf or Salon Centric to buy them! I do not recommend buying them at Drugstores, Walmart, Target, etc. Those stores can tamper with the formulation of the products to give them a longer shelf life. Buying cheaper doesn’t always mean it’s better. You may be getting a good deal, but that product that you purchased could ruin your hair’s health and your color. So please go to your hairstylist and get the products that they recommend for your hair!


How you wash your hair is super important for your hair’s health. When you are shampooing, do not be rough with it. Gently massage your scalp and pull it through to the ends. If you feel like your hair is really dirty or oily, I recommend shampooing it twice!


When conditioning your hair, make sure you ring your hair out of excess water. It should not be dripping wet. Apply the conditioner to only the middle and ends of your hair – never on your scalp or close to your head. Conditioner will weigh the hair down, so if you put it on your head, it will make your hair flat and oily faster. Gently finger comb the conditioner into your hair and you can let it sit on your hair for a little up to 10 minutes if you want! When rinsing it out, turn the water to a little bit colder, not freezing but definitely cool; it makes sure the conditioner is closing the cuticle since the shampoo opened it. Applying the conditioner should be very gentle just like shampooing your hair (except you don’t touch your roots).

Towel Drying

When you get out of the shower, you must towel dry your hair. But all you should be doing is squeezing the hair, not rubbing the towel frantically on your head and making knots. What this does is that it roughs up the cuticle and creates frizz. So to keep frizz down, ring out your hair with a towel. Comb through your wet hair with a wide tooth comb. Never brush your hair wet as it will pull it and cause frizz.

Blow Drying

When blow drying your hair, make sure it is towel dried first. To get my volume, I flip my head upside down and blow dry it that way. I also found that this makes for a quicker dry time too. I recommend never blow drying your hair till it is completely dry. Wait until it is damp, then let it air dry for the rest of the day!

How Often to Wash Your Hair

I personally wash my hair once a week. My hair type is very fine, thin hair. I also don’t have a lot of it, so I need all the texture and volume I can get. By me not washing my hair, I use products to help fight my oils and give me that grip I love! I take a shower daily, but I just put my hair up in a bun and don’t get it wet when I do not want to wash it.

Dry Shampoo

If your hair gets oily like mine, use dry shampoo! The dry shampoo that I found that works wonders is the Batiste Dry shampoo. This shampoo doesn’t leave my hair with a white cast and it also doesn’t give my hair that sticky feeling. I cannot say enough good things about this dry shampoo. Some tips to apply it is to apply it in sections about 12 inches away from your head. Then once your whole head has been covered, massage your fingers to rub the product in more. I apply dry shampoo at night and then touch it up in the morning so you can’t even tell I haven’t washed it in days! This gives me volume and grip so I honestly love when my hair is on day 5-7 because it is so voluminous!


Your hair is very important! With all of these tips, I want you to start taking care of it and your hair will look, feel, and grow amazingly! Your hair might have more specific needs that drugstore products don’t offer. Please buy from a salon that a professional has recommended you.

When washing and conditioning your hair, remember to massage gently, and conditioner shouldn’t go on the scalp. When drying your hair, make sure you don’t overdo it with the blow dryer or frantically create frizz with the towel! And if you have oily hair, you can hold off on washing your hair for days if you start applying dry shampoo! Your hair will appreciate the tender, love, and care you use with these tips. Happy washing!


If your hair needs a visit to the salon soon, check out my blog on how to prepare for your next appointment here!

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