What’s In My Hair Bag

Comb, bobby pins, curling iron, and other tools that are in my hair bag.

I wanted to share the hair tools I personally use on my natural hair and my extensions. It is a little different than what I use on my clients because doing your own hair is a lot more difficult than doing it on someone else. These are the tools I use to make it easier on myself.

About My Hair

My hair is very fine and thin. I have no volume and I also get pretty oily after 3 days of no product. I do not color my hair and I also only put heat on it once a month and with only my extensions in it. My extensions stay pretty well curled so I only need to touch them up once a month and I never put heat on my hair. If I do use heat, it’s a super rare occasion.


I use a wand to curl my own hair. I find it easier for me to control the hair and the iron rather than a clip iron. The one I use is the Paul Mitchell 1.25 inch wand. 

Dry Shampoo

I have said this many times and I will keep saying it – Batiste dry shampoo is my tried and true. It doesn’t leave my hair sticky or crunchy and it takes absolutely all the oil out for almost 2 days! It gives me texture and volume and I just can’t say enough good things about this dry shampoo. I use it almost every day, even if my hair is not oily because it gives me that volume and grip I love oh so much!

Texture Spray

Along with my tried and true dry shampoo, I also use texture spray. Since my hair is naturally flat and thin I use this texture spray to give me the extra grip I need so my hair isn’t soft and silky. I mean hey, if you’re a girl who loves soft and silky that’s awesome.. I’m just not that girl. I use two different texture sprays – Kenra texture spray 6 and Amika undone texture spray.


I love the Kenra sprays. I personally use their working sprays since it gives me a little hold but nothing too firm where it leaves my hair crunchy. But I do use their firm hold spray on my hairline and the top of my head to keep my part in place and also to hide my extensions if I wear them.


Bellami extensions are my absolute favorite extensions, and I will always recommend them to my clients when they ask me about clip in extensions. I have had my Bellami extensions for YEARS!! They are very full and not stringy at the ends. They are also extremely good quality. My natural hair is a few inches past my shoulders and my extensions are 22 inches long and make my hair go down to almost my butt!! They are amazing; I love them so much and I wear them multiple times a week.


Since I have naturally thin, semi-oily hair, products like these are a must! A curling wand is easier to use to get curls that last all day. Batiste dry shampoo gives me volume and keeps the oil out for days. Kenra and Amika texturizing sprays give my hair an extra boost of texture and volume for all my styling needs. Kenra also works wonders for holding my hair in place without that dreaded crunch! Bellami extensions allow me to go bigger with hairstyles and have natural-looking, longer hair. My hair bag is for me, but it might not necessarily be for you!  However, these are products and tools that you may want to try and might even fall in love with, just to give you a few ideas!


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