How to Pick the Perfect Hair & Makeup Artist for YOU

Are you recently engaged and searching for a hair and makeup artist for your wedding? Or are you looking for a stylist to help you glam up for your holiday party? Whatever the occasion, if you’re looking for a hair and makeup artist, it can be tricky to decide who is a good fit for you. I’m going to give you some tips on how to make this choice easier so you can find the perfect artist for you!


When you’re looking through all of the different hair and makeup artists out there, one of the first things you look at is the price. Money is tight. Girl, I hear you! While I can relate to wanting to find a good deal, you don’t always want to compromise a skilled hair and makeup artist to save a few dollar signs. You’re going to want to cherish this day FOREVER, and you’ll look back on the wedding photos. When you reminisce over these photographs and memories, you will be thankful that you chose a hair and makeup artist that helped you feel and look beautiful!


You want to pick the hair and makeup artist whose style you love. If a makeup artist does only glam looks but you want a more natural look, they might not be a perfect fit. It doesn’t hurt to ask, but different makeup artists have their preferences and expertise in different areas! Of course any makeup artist who is skilled at their craft can do any look you would like, whether that be a full glam or a soft natural look. So if I were you, I would do my research and really look at their work and have a conversation with them to make sure we are a perfect fit.

When it comes to hairstyling, it is a different story in my opinion. Not every hairstylist can do the hairstyle that you love. I would do thorough research on finding the style that you love and the stylist that has multiple pictures showing that style so you can be confident when you’re sitting in that chair. 


If you cannot connect with your stylist and makeup artist and you do not feel comfortable about them, then chances are that you will not be confident on how your look will come out. It’s not only our job to make you look and feel beautiful, but it’s also our job for you to have a good time in our chair and for you to feel like we are there for you. If your makeup artist and hairstylist cannot make you feel that, then they might not be a good fit.


Ultimately, who you choose to do your hair and makeup is up to you! However, there are things you might want to consider before you make a decision. Budgeting for your hair and makeup artist is essential because you don’t want to compromise on quality! Finding a skilled hair and makeup artist who can do the style you admire and love is important as well. Some artists can do any style, while others may specialize in certain types that may or may not be the styles you want. You also want to get along with your hair and makeup artist! If you don’t feel comfortable, it might not be the perfect fit. Choose someone who can make you feel like the beautiful woman you are!


To read about why I became a hair and makeup artist, click here!

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