All About Clip-In Extensions

Katlyn playing with her hair that has clip-in extensions.

Using clip-in extensions can really transform your look, whether you want just a fuller look or to add length. These can really make or break the look that you are going for. Pinterest is a great source for inspiration, but 90% of those hairstyles you see have extensions and it is heavily edited. I wanted to talk all about clip-ins.

What Are Clip-ins?

Clip-in extensions are hair wefts that are attached to tiny clips. The extensions will be clipped in at the root of your hair throughout the head and provide a seamless blend with your natural hair. 

How Do I Know Which Ones to Pick?

The most important thing to know when considering extensions is that the extensions must be 100% human hair. If the hair is not human hair, heat cannot be applied. This means any type of hot tool such as a curling iron will cause the hair to burn and melt or just not curl at all.

When deciding what thickness to get, hair extensions are measured in grams. The average head of hair will need a minimum of 150 grams of extensions to blend with the natural hair and not cause any visible lines between the natural hair and extensions. I always recommend getting the max amount of grams so you can get more bang for your buck and you will have thicker hair. This will allow your hair to blend more easily and there will be more hair to work with when creating the style you are in love with!

My Top 3 Favs


Foxy Locks

Barefoot Blonde

Hairstyles That Will Most Likely Require Extensions 

This all depends on your hair length and density. There are many other hairstyles that may require extensions, but these are the most common.

Hollywood Glam Waves


Big Braids


When you first get your clip-ins, I would take them to your hairstylist and get them colored and cut to blend perfectly with your hair. Sometimes you just need a toner to get that perfect match and a few layers added to make sure that no one can tell that you are wearing extensions. This will help when styling your hair.

How you wash your clip-ins is very important. I would wash them just like your own hair. Shampoo and condition them. The only catch is that I only wash mine once every 6 months. You see, clip-ins don’t get oily like our hair does. I also like to let the product build up a little bit so the curls hold a little more and there is more of a natural hair texture rather than a silky smooth texture that almost no one has. I would wash the clips-ins upright. And gently wash them. After you rinse them, put on the conditioner and let it sit on the extensions for about 5 minutes. Once everything is washed out, ring them out and brush them. Hang up your extensions and let them air dry ONLY!!! Do not blow dry them as it will create unnecessary heat and could make them really frizzy. Let it dry overnight and then style how you want!!


Are you looking to ramp up your hairstyle with more volume and thicker hair? You might want to explore the option of clip-in extensions! Clip-in extensions are easily hidden for a natural yet fuller look. They should be 100% real hair or else you won’t be able to apply heat on them for styling purposes, such as curling or straightening your extensions. When picking out extensions, you want to make sure you get a high amount of grams for thicker hair, and ultimately you’ll have more hair to work with for styling!

Taking care of your extensions properly will allow you to use them for years! You may want to get them toned to match your hair perfectly and blend in better. They don’t need to be washed but a few times a year since they don’t get oily! You should be using shampoo and conditioner and wash them gently with care! They should ONLY be air dried and brushed after washing. Then you can style them as you like after they dry overnight!


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