Why is My Hair so Flat?

Girl sitting on bench playing with her hair that isn't flat anymore.

I have very fine, thin hair. And whenever I don’t want to wear my extensions, my hair is super flat. Over the years I have found new little tricks to help give my hair tons of volume! Now, I get compliments on my volume all the time, and tons of people ask me how. I am going to share these tricks with you so you can turn that flat hair into volume too!

Shampoo twice

Usually fine flat hair gets oily easily. So to try to avoid that, shampoo your hair twice to make sure that all oil and dirt is out of your hair. Also, try not to shampoo as often and only shampoo your roots, never your ends. Just lightly pull the shampoo through your ends but never rough them up.

Don’t put a ton of conditioner in

Usually with fine hair you don’t have a lot of it. So limit the amount of conditioner you use. One tip is to brush your hair before you shower and shampoo lightly and you should be keeping the conditioner only at the very ends.

Blow dry your hair upside down

Yep that means flip your head upside down and blow dry your hair until it is completely dry! It also cuts down on your blow dry time!!

Scrunching your hair

If you have wavy hair, this could be a helpful tip to add volume instead of leaving your hair straight. After you shower, towel dry your hair so it isn’t dripping wet. Then apply a few products. A mousse at your roots and a sea salt spray on your ends. Flip your head upside down and shake your hair with your hands lightly. In small sections, scrunch your hair and don’t brush it out. Then diffuse your hair. I like to diffuse it with my head upside down to create even more volume. Once the hair is 80% dry, add a little more sea salt spray and finish diffusing your hair. You may add a bit of hairspray and texture spray to get more volume when your hair is fully dry!


Use dry shampoo and texture spray

In between washes and to avoid that nasty oily hair, I use a dry shampoo and texture spray and I can go almost a full week without washing my hair and still have amazing volume. Just make sure you use it generously or it won’t work.


Volumizing powder

Put this powder at your roots and shake your hair and boom, volume. But be careful, usually this powder is white and if you use too much it might leave a white cast.


Crimp your roots 

Yes the trusty ol’ crimp iron! I would only use it about 1 inch at your roots and boom you have volume!!

Change your part, or don’t have a part at all

I get it, you have a cow lick or your hair only wants to part in the same place. I used to have that problem too. What I did was I changed the part when my hair was still wet and kept it that way for about a week, then I changed it again, then again. It takes a little time to train your hair but it’s oh soooo worth it.  Soon I had no part and I can move my hair wherever I want and boom, a newfound volume I never thought would happen to me!!

Play around with the length of your hair

Sometimes if you cut your hair to about shoulder length you can get natural volume that way! Sometimes longer finer hair just needs less weight so cutting it would be an easy solution!

Consider layers

Yes, cut a few layers in your hair instead of a blunt cut. You will have more movement in the middle of your hair so you will have that illusion of more volume. But keep in mind this will thin out your hair a little so be careful!


I understand the flat hair struggle! I have experimented with quite a few different tricks to try to add volume to my hair. Some really helpful techniques are shampooing twice, using less conditioner, blow drying the hair upside down, and using lots of dry shampoo and texture spray. You can even train your hair to not have a part or trim it to get rid of some weight. These tricks have transformed my hair over the years, and I hope they help you too!


To learn a few more tips about oily hair (which can make your hair flat also), get my free guide here!

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