Which Hair Mask is Best?

Girl wearing dress with voluminous, healthy hair (from the use of hair masks) with plants in the background.

Hair masking is essential to keeping your hair happy and healthy. You not only need to have a shampoo and conditioner that is bomb, but you also should be putting in a hair mask at least once every 2 weeks, ideally once a week. I wanted to go over 2 common hair problems and the best hair masks to help solve those. Please keep in mind this is not at all sponsored in any way. These are the 2 products I use personally and have seen amazing results, and I thought you should know about them too.

Hydration – Moroccan Oil Hydrating Masks

If you feel like your hair is dry and just needs that moisture to really make it shine and revive it, this mask does it for you. Personally my hair is really dry, and I have been using this mask for almost 2 years and it really has transformed my hair for the better. I have more strength and my hair is not dull and hard anymore. To use this, you shampoo and condition like normal, then you towel dry your hair really well and put the mask on generously. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes and just rinse off and you will feel a difference in just one use!

This mask comes in two different types. One for fine hair and one for medium to thick hair. I personally use the fine hair one because, well I have very fine hair and I didn’t want this deep conditioner to weigh my hair down and make it more flat than it already is.

Repair – Olaplex #3

Now you probably have heard of Olaplex before and rightfully so, it is AMAZING. If you have hair that needs a little help repairing and just building back up that strength, then this one is for you. This strengthens your hair, repairs damaged hair, and gives you back your healthy natural texture. To use this product you have to keep in mind this isn’t a deep conditioner like the hydrating mask; this is a treatment. You apply this treatment generously on day old damp hair (or dry). Then you can let it sit for 10 minutes or more. I like to actually sleep with this treatment on. I lay a towel on my pillow so nothing gets wet or sticky and when I wake up I shampoo and condition it out. You will definitely see a noticeable difference in just one use, but you can keep using it once every 2 weeks. I would also keep in mind that if you use this too much and too often it can be a bad thing and your hair might break, so don’t overdo it like 3 days in a row.


Using hair masks should not replace shampoo and conditioner, but they can help repair and strengthen your hair and take it to the next level! You should definitely not overdo it with a hair mask everyday, but it’s good for your hair to apply one every two weeks after showering. These are the hair masks I recommend for hair strength and repairing damage for a nice healthy texture!


To learn about more hair products that I love, read about what’s inside my hair bag here!

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