Who else HATES Frizzy Hair?

Spraying hair to prevent frizz.

Have you ever straightened your hair and went outside just to later come in again to your hair sticking out everywhere? Or tried to blow dry your hair to tame it down, but small hairs are popping out in every direction? Frizz. We’ve all had it, and we all hate it.

What is Frizzy Hair?

Frizz refers to the little baby hairs that stick out from the rest of your hair; it’s the smaller, dryer strands of hair that just won’t stay put. So annoying I know. Frizz tends to stand up or curl and adopts a different type of texture from the rest.

Let’s see what Urban Dictionary’s definition of frizz is: “A type of hair invented by the devil himself. Causes your hair to do whatever it chooses, including morning hair in the afternoon. Mostly your hair is uncontrollable and will do the exact opposite of what you want it to do. It can sometimes be tamed if you have the patience to blow-dry it, mousse it, straighten it, hairspray it, and then tie it back.” LOL I mean they got a point right???

Why is My Hair Frizzy?

There can be three things that cause hair to be frizzy: humidity, dry hair, damaged hair.

  • Humidity 

This is when there is excess moisture in the air. We all know that humidity and heat trigger frizzy hair, but do you know the science behind why this happens? Humidity maintains high levels of hydrogen, and human hair is super duper sensitive to this type of hydrogen. This hydrogen forms a bond with your hair’s water molecules and proteins, and it’s this bond that causes your hair to swell and boom you got frizz.

  • Dry Hair

When your hair gets dried out (or is just naturally dry), it can most likely be frizzy. The reality is that dry hair longs for moisture, so once exposed to moisture, it tends to frizz faster than oily hair. Since naturally curly or wavy hair has the tendency to be dry, the hair frizzes at the first sign of moisture. Let’s say you have dry hair and you go outside when it’s humid. Your hair wants to absorb all that moisture from the environment DESPERATELY . The result… POOF!

  • Damaged Hair

Damaged hair tends to be dry by nature. Habits like applying too much heat to your hair, coloring it too often, or even over washing and drying out your locks lead to damage and result in frizz.

5 Ways to Help Tame those Locks

1. Use a Hydrating Mask

Okay so your hair may be dry. Use a hydrating mask once a week to help gain moisture in your hair. Heck you might even see a difference in one use. I wrote a whole blog post on my fav hair masks. You can check it out here.

2. Use Oils/Pomades on the Ends of Your Hair

When I do a few of my weddings, hair is just frizzy and I need a quick solution so the hair is ready to go take on the day. I use an oil on hair that is medium to coarse and a pomade that is for finer hair. I rub the product all over my hands and run my hands through the ends of the hair and boom no more frizz. It’s a great little hack.

3. Use a MicroFiber Towel

It’s time to ditch using your bath towel on your hair to dry it. All the friction will cause your hair to be frizzy. So to combat that, use a microfiber towel and squeeze the hair and ring it out.

4. Invest in a Boar Bristle Brush or a Wet Brush

Only brush your hair when it is wet if you have crazy curly hair. But you probably already knew that. Put in a detangler that also puts moisture in the hair when you brush it. Brush your hair in sections to make it more manageable. These types of brushes will not pull on the hair and rip it. It is gentle and helps retain that moisture.

5. Skip the Blow Dryer

Now I’m not saying don’t blow dry your hair ever again, but maybe only blow dry it once and awhile. And when you do blow dry it, wait until the hair is 80% dry. Use a brush when blow drying to help control the hair shaft better.


If you have frizzy hair, it could be caused by humidity, having naturally dry hair, or hair that is damaged from the heat or too much coloring. Frizzy hair is a nuisance, but there are ways to combat it! You can use a hair mask once a week, oils or pomades on the hair tips, a microfiber towel, special brushes, or less blow drying as some techniques to fight the frizz.


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