Top 5 Favorite Hairstyles

If you don’t already know, I love styling some hair. And I have a few favorite hairstyles that just make my heart sing when a client of mine requests it! I’m going to talk about the prep work and the products I used to achieve these looks. Some require more prep than others! 

Classic Half up Half down

What I do to prep is, I tease the crown area while using some powder play to get the volume I want. Then I style the hair using Paul Mitchell gloss drops or for more fine hair I use a pomade. After the style is complete, I then curl the hair!! Yes I curl last! This ensures that the curls will stay in place and I find that if I curl the hair before, they are all messed up when I’m done with the style. Plus this saves me time so I don’t have to curl the whole head! 

Simple Low Bun

What I do to the hair is I make sure that there are no flyaways from the start. So to get those babies down, I use light hold Kenra hairspray and gloss drops/pomade. After that I start to tease the crown area a ton! Then I make sure there are still nooo flyaways on the top and I start to gather the hair. I put it in a ponytail and then I put texture spray in the pony to get the grip and add a bit more volume so it is a bigger bun. Then I make sure all flyaways are tame and start pinning!


This pony requires a ton of prep! But not curling! PRODUCTS!!! I start to tease the whole head using powder play and keep flyaways away with my oils and pomades and a bit of light hold hairspray but not too much yet! Then I make sure that the front of the head looks good as I pull the hair into a pony! Once I have a pony, I curl the pony, then after that I add texture spray and boom you’re done!!!

The Pull-Through Braid

I do not curl the hair for this one! I just use a bit of oil and texture spray and take my time to make sure it is perfectly messy! 

Cascading Braid

Now this style doesn’t look as hard as it truly is. I curl the hair just enough so it has a bend to it. Maybe takes me 10 minutes; it doesn’t have to be perfect. Then I take my sweet time with each strand to make sure it’s brushed through and no flyaways. The key to this style is to fluff up everything you see! Texture spray and oils are a must!


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