So you want Hand-Tied Extensions?

Hand-tied extensions are life changing and they will really boost your confidence. I mean who doesn’t want to wake up EVERY DAY with bomb hair!!!?? So you’re probably thinking what are hand-tied extensions? What is the process? And many more questions, so I wanted to answer those for you!

What are Hand-Tied Extensions?

I’m certified in The Habit and IBE Hand-Tied Extension Method. It uses a flexible beaded foundation to create movement with extreme comfort even while wearing your hair up. There is an equal weight distribution so there is not going to be any pulling or hot spots that cause balding. The best part is you won’t ever have to worry about seeing them! There is no heat, tape, or glue needed to attach them, so that means there is way less opportunity for damage to your natural hair. It’s the best extension method on the market for a reason! Whether you are wanting to add fullness, length, or achieve mermaid status, there is an option just for YOU!

The Process

  • Questionnaire

This is the very first step and honestly it is very important. When you request to book a free consult with me, I will email you a questionnaire that asks quite a few questions about your hair and what you are looking for. I also give you my detailed pricing guide so there are no surprises. This questionnaire asks you a ton of questions but not just about hand-tied extensions; I want to know your hair history and what products you use because all of that matters with extensions!! 

  • Consult

After you send in your questionnaire, we will have a free consult in person at my salon. We will talk about your hair goals and your concerns along with picking what color extensions to match your hair. Then I will go over my recommendations so you are aware and fully informed. I hate surprises so trust me, you will know everything you need to know before you leave my chair. In order to book the install appointment, I require a non-refundable retainer fee to secure your spot and date. We will make the appointment a week later so I can prepare the extensions and make sure everything on my end is good to go. I don’t wanna rush this process because this is an investment for you and I want to make sure that you are getting everything you want!!

  • Install

Before you even get to your install appointment, I recommend you take an aspirin because for the first day or 2 your head is going to be a little bit sore because it is not used to having extensions in and it will be a little tight at first, but don’t worry that will go away girl!! At your install appointment, we will go over the colors and pricing one more time and make sure everything is good to go, then I will start installing the extensions. After they are all in, depending on our consult, I will either tone to blend or color your hair to match your dream hair goals. After all that, I will cut the extensions just a little so I can make sure everything blends and it looks exactly like your natural hair. YOU WON’T EVEN KNOW AND PEOPLE WILL STAY GUESSING!! That’s the beauty of it!! After all that, I will style your hair so you can leave feeling like a whole new woman who can conquer the freakin’ world!!

  • Care/Maintenance

I know you’re wondering how do I take care of these.. This is a huge investment and I want to make sure I get my money’s worth. Don’t worry girl, I get it and I’m totally here for you!! After your appointment, I will be giving you a fully detailed 10-page care guide that is downloadable so you know every single step on how to make sure your extensions last a very long time! This guide goes in depth about LITERALLY EVERYTHING you need to know. I tell you how to wash, dry, brush, and even what to avoid so your extensions are looking bomb 24/7! You must get them moved up every 8 weeks to maintain your scalp health along with the health of your extensions.

How to Book With Me in Virginia Beach!

If you want to book with me and want a free consult, here is what you have to do:

Click here to schedule your free consult!!

After you do that, my team will be emailing you the full pricing guide and the questionnaire that I would need you to fill out, then you are all in. Yes girl it’s seriously that easy.

I seriously cannot wait for you to have the hair of your dreams!!! I’m ready!! Are you?


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