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If you didn’t already know, I have been at Curate Salon for 6 MONTHS ALREADY!! I get a lot of questions when someone leaves the salon asking what kind of shampoo and conditioner to buy to keep your hair healthy after you leave my chair. I would suggest avoiding drugstore products, and if you want to know why, read about it here. I get it boo, there are SO many different shampoos and conditioners for different hair types, so here are a few of the best of the best!

Moisture – Verb Hydrating Shampoo

Just like the name implies, this shampoo is for adding moisture to your hair! It’s also safe for color! Pair with their hydrating conditioner for healthy, hydrated hair. Both of these give life back to curls and really makes your hair look less frizzy! But it’s not just for curly girls; if your hair feels dry and just meh… chances are you need moisture!! You can also pick either of these up at Curate salon!

Extension Care – Iles Haute Performance Shampoo

I highly recommend this shampoo for extension care. It is on the slightly pricier side, but this shampoo is so gentle and nourishing for extension hair! It won’t damage or remove color, and it hydrates your hair and extensions! 

Repair – amika the kure

This shampoo is for everyday repair for damaged hair. It’s also cruelty free and safe for color! For extra strength, pair with the conditioner and/or their bomb the kure hair mask – these will really get the job done!

Purple Shampoo – Privanna or Amika Bust Your Brass

Purple shampoos are for keeping your blonde hair a nice, cool tone and washing out the yellow, brassy tones. However, these should NOT be used every time you wash, but only every 4 washes or every month, depending on how much you wash your hair. If you use this, I recommend following up with a hydrating conditioner (such as Verb!) because it will dry out your hair.

Basic Use – Verb Ghost Shampoo 

Although I don’t recommend washing your hair everyday, this shampoo is good for every time you wash! This is what I use currently and I’M OBSESSED. We have this in the salon, and it’s safe for color too! It makes your hair less frizzy and promotes shine as well. Pair this with the Ghost conditioner and you will truly see a difference in your hair’s overall health and shine!! It’s seriously an all-in-one shampoo!!


If you’re going to wash your hair twice (which you should!), your specialty shampoo should be used on the second wash! Your first wash can be the basic use shampoo for stripping your hair of oils, and the second shampoo really gets in there and hydrates, repairs, or whatever it’s supposed to do! Although there are a TON of shampoos out there, these are my faves and they will keep your hair healthy outside of the salon!


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