The Proper Way to Use a Blow Drying Brush

Katlyn using a blow dryer on a client's hair in the salon.

There is absolutely NOTHING better than a blowout, amiright?? And being able to give yourself a blowout at home? Every week?!?! Unreal!

If you’re anywhere on social media, you have definitely seen the blow drying brush that has taken us all by storm. The perfect tool for the perfect at-home blowout!

Now how would you feel if I told you you’re probably using the blow drying brush totally wrong? I see it SO much which is why I just HAD to jot down some tips on this awesome tool – to help you save your hair!

First, let’s make something super duper clear: this is a hot tool! It’s a finishing tool! You will absolutely NOT use the blow drying brush in place of your standard blow dryer, please and thank you!! You should never use that much heat applied directly onto wet hair. Need I remind everyone of those days when we fried our hair DAILY with a Wet2Straight straightener? Yikes!

“So how the heck do I use this then?”. I’m here to tell you how! Here’s what you’re going to do: Blow dry (or air dry if you choose!) your hair about 90-95% of the way. Only when your hair is almost all dry, you’ll turn on your blow drying brush and take care of the rest! It seems pretty simple, but this is the step that’s overlooked most frequently!

A few tips on how I use mine for volume and bounce:

  1. I section my hair, using the blow drying brush on the individual sections, and then I pin those sections up with bobby pins, or even rollers. This will give you that glamorous, effortless bounce that we all know and love!
  2. I pay extra attention to the crown of my head! I take this section and blow it out, straight up, curling slightly on the end. This will create that volume at the crown and help you avoid unwanted cowlicks in the back of your head.
  3. Face framing pieces LAST! Once you’ve taken care of the rest of the sections and have them set to cool, you’ll want to tackle your face framing pieces. I like to run the blow drying brush straight up with my face framing pieces, curling away from the face. This will help you achieve that curtain bang look! Don’t forget to pin them up as well!

I hope you found this helpful! If you need a little more direction, I have a sped up video on my Instagram that shows you how I style with this tool! You can watch that here!

Haven’t joined the blow drying brush cult yet?? No worries, I gotchu boo! Here is my Amazon List with my absolute fav blow drying brush

I hope you absolutely love your at home blowout, and pretty please don’t forget to use heat protectant!


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